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"Thanks Be to the Sea" Art Exhibit

Beginning June 13th, the Oregon Coast Aquarium will be hosting a new art exhibit, “Thanks Be to the Sea,” by Oregon artist and Founder of Fishpeople Seafood, Duncan Berry. 

Thanks Be to the Sea is a journey through the fascinating world of the sea, revealing a deep and unexpected interdependence on weather, water and creatures. The exhibit is inspired by an original poem of the same name and contains photographs and “gyotaku,” Japanese folk art fish printings, by Cascade Head resident Duncan Berry. 

The prints tell a story of the remarkable seascapes of the northern Oregon coast and the beautiful and varied creatures that inhabit the Pacific. The featured animals range from a 37 lb. Chinook Salmon and the pectoral fin of a grey whale to lantern and viper fish from 3,000 feet underwater.

Come learn how the sea is contained in every breath you take, every thought you think and in every beat of your heart.